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Post  Auralitia on Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:40 am

Xfire Profile:
Age: 19
Location: Orlando
Timezone: GMT -5 (EST)
Purpose for wanting to join our guild: To network and make some awesome friends in Lucent Heart and Prius and kick some ass in metal Assault.
Have you ever been in a guild before?: Yes, I have been in a guild before.
How long have you been playing MMOs?: I've been playing MMO's since Ragnarok Online came out.
What's your favorite genre of games?: I love to play RPG's and Sim type games.
Name two games that you have been playing recently: Lost Odyssey and Kingdom Hearts RE:coded
Anything interesting about you we should know?: Im fun, crazy and I like to have a good time.
Do you meet all of the requirements specified in the Rules and Reqs thread?: Yes, I do.
Do you agree that you have read, accept, abide and be held accountable for the rules specified in the Rules and Reqs thread?: Yes I do.
Luminaria(Guild Leader)

Location : Orlando, FL

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