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Post  Auralitia on Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:30 pm


  • Activity is a must! In order to be considered a member, you must be an active participant. If you are to take a vacation or experience an interruption in life, give someone a notification.
  • You must be able to have respect for authority and guildmates as well for those outside of our guild. If you can not show respect, there is no need to inquire.
  • English-speaking is required. Even if it is broken English, speaking it is great practice and in turn, you can teach us your language too.
  • Literacy skills must be on a Middle School level. Which means, that if your middle school english teacher would cringe at what you write, don't write that way for prolonged periods.
  • Our rules are there for a reason. They must be followed. Requesting admittance is an act of accepting the rules.
  • Our guild uses [url="http://www.xfire.com/"]Xfire[/url] as our platform of communication. Downloading it, would be a wise decision.


  • Respect for all. We are a judgment free zone.
  • Keep everything you do or say or link to PG13.
  • If you must swear, please do not do so excessively and without reason.
  • Guild competition is to be healthy and fun. There should be nothing done out of malice.
  • Trolling is an act for imageboards. Leave that act there.
  • Have fun! Oh yes it is mandatory.
  • The rules are subject to change at anytime after being deemed "Need for Change" by the Ring Council.
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