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Application Guidelines *Read Before Applying* Empty Application Guidelines *Read Before Applying*

Post  Auralitia on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:00 pm

So you want to join Luminesce?
The steps are pretty easy, I guess.
Sit on down, here's the situation. (WHAT'S THAT!?!?)
It's called an Application!

The following template is what is needed before you apply. Make a topic with your name and then "Application" after it.

Be forewarned, that granted, your application will be reviewed, but you will not be accepted until two members have approved.

You can be accepted by either two of the Ring Council(Guild Leader and Luminelles) or by a Ring Leader and a Lumira+ Officer. It has to be only those two options. Two Lumira+ cannot get you in. Same thing applies to being declined.

Xfire Profile:
Purpose/Game for wanting to join our guild:
Have you ever been in a guild before?:
How long have you been playing MMOs?:
What's your favorite genre of games?:
Name two games that you have been playing recently:
Anything interesting about you we should know?:
Do you meet all of the requirements specified in the Rules and Reqs thread?:
Do you agree that you have read, accept, will abide and be held accountable for the rules specified in the Rules and Reqs thread?:
Okay~ If you fill this out perfectly and truthfully, then getting in wont be much of a problem~ Look forward to you joining us!
Luminaria(Guild Leader)

Location : Orlando, FL

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