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Luminesce 4th Ring Voting Empty Luminesce 4th Ring Voting

Post  Auralitia on Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:33 pm

With the recent omega changes in lifestyles and such. The empty slot for the Ring needs to be filled and this can only be decided by the members.

I, Auralitia, will be exempting myself from the poll. I want to see how the guild can choose their leaders. How you will vote is by sending a Private Message(PM) to Auralitia titled "Luminesce Vote". In the body of the message I want you to write the name of the member you are nominating followed by a summary of why you believe they should be Ring Leader 4.

Before Voting, keep in mind the things a leader exemplifies:

Worthy of Respect
Sound in Mind, Judgement, Truth, Love and Endurance
Displays Integrity, Seriousness and Soundness of Speech which cannot be condemned
Slanders no one and peaceable and humble to all guild members(Luminaries) and people outside of Luminesce
Show devotion to the guild and its members and activities

Voting will end Friday at 11:59pm EDT.

Luminesce 4th Ring Voting 1ts1K
Luminaria(Guild Leader)

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